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Owners & Operators

Owners & Operators

Current Habitat Funded Owners and Operators


Habitat-funded Owners and Operators are the backbone of the Habitat Program as they provide housing and services to the tenants. Some have been with Habitat since the program’s inception in 1987; others have joined the program more recently.  The Owners and Operators are landlords (or sub-landlords) under the Residential Tenancies Act and are responsible for the overall management of the homes.  Some operate the homes themselves while others hire Operators (Managers) to take on the day to day management. The Owners and Operators role is to ensure the peace, safety and stability of the home and to ensure that the tenants receive the services and supplies as required by the Habitat Services contract and standards.

Forms for Habitat-funded Owners & Operators:

How can my home become Habitat-funded?

To be put on the waitlist for Habitat Services funding, please click here.

Please note that being put on the waitlist does not guarantee funding. When funding is available, those on the waitlist are contacted and informed of the application process. Only successful applicants will be contacted.

Any new Habitat-funded housing must now be single room occupancy only, and include common space and an ample number of washrooms.  The houses must have municipal rooming house licenses or have permission from municipal authorities to operate.  There is a requirement for staffing 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  In addition to the physical features of the house, we are looking for Owner/Operators who share our recovery philosophy, that is, the belief that tenants can and do recover from serious mental illness and are capable of independence and making their own decisions.

Applications for funding (when available) are carefully reviewed and must meet criteria approved by the Habitat Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors makes the final decisions on the awarding of contracts based on the recommendation from the Executive Director.

If you require more information, please contact the Executive Director, Chris Persaud, at cpersaud@habitatservices.org or at 416-537-2721, ext. 232.

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