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Intake and Referral

Intake and Referral

The Access Point:

All referrals to Habitat-funded housing must be made through The Access Point office.  Your case manager or worker can help you to apply or you can make a self-referral.  The Access Point receives referrals from over 100 sources, including hospitals, community mental health agencies and shelters.

Before filling out The Access Point Coordinated Access Referral Form, we encourage you to visit The Access Point website. The website has information on all the supportive housing providers in Toronto and will help you make an informed decision about your housing options.  You can also complete The Access Point application on the website. If you need assistance or have any questions about the application form, please call The Access Point at 416-640-1934.

Habitat Services Intake & Referral Department:

The Habitat Services Intake Department includes an Intake Worker, Referral Worker, and a Community Liaison Worker. The Intake Team work with The Access Point staff to match tenants to vacancies in Habitat-funded homes. Once an application has been completed and Habitat is listed, or The Access Point forwards the application to us based on eligibility, the Habitat Services Intake Worker will process the application. The Referral Worker or Community Liaison Worker will then match the applicant to an available vacancy.  An applicant’s preferences regarding location or other factors will be considered as much as possible.  The Referral Worker or Community Liaison Worker will then forward the application to the owner/operator.  If the owner/operator wishes to meet the applicant for an interview, they will notify Habitat Services Intake Department.  At this point, the applicant and their worker, if applicable, will make arrangements directly with the owner/operator to meet the owner/operator and visit the home.

The owner/operator and the applicant will each decide whether the referral is the right match.  Tenants who move into Habitat funded homes sign a tenancy agreement and pay monthly room and board charges.  If the applicant is not accepted for tenancy or does not want to move into the home, the Referral Worker or Community Liaison Worker will try to match them to another vacancy.

Tenants who already live in Habitat-funded homes may request a transfer to another Habitat funded home by contacting the Habitat Intake and Referral Department.  If the housing application is older than one year, a new application form will have to be submitted.

Room and Board Charges:

Habitat Services sets the tenant rent rates. Tenants pay rent (room and board) depending on their source of income.  Rent is paid directly by the tenant to the Owner/Operator. Presently, tenants who receive benefits from the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) pay $543.30 per month.  Tenants in receipt of Ontario Works (OW) pay $356.72 per month.  Tenants in receipt of other types of income pay a rate that is calculated as a percentage of income.  Tenants who are ineligible for subsidy will pay an individual rent negotiated with the home Owner/Operator.

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