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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Strategic Areas of Focus – 2023-2027

Quality Of Service for Tenants

  • Improve upon tenants’ mental and physical health by increasing specialized supports by partnering with external programs.
  • Increase the number of opportunities for tenants’ community and social connections, including partnerships with external programs.
  • Act upon opportunities to fund and/or collaborate with community partners to provide menu planning and cooking / nutrition training to operators and boarding home staff to improve the quality of food.


  • Review the housing provided by Habitat-funded operators by assessing compliance with Habitat Standards and Best Practices and provide recommendations, and when possible, funding, for improvements. 
  • Assess best practices and existing discrepancies in the quality of housing and services in the portfolio to determine which standards can be enhanced and modernized. 
  • Develop and implement technology to enhance and assist with accountability measures including contract monitoring and reporting.


  • Protect existing stock from decline by securing the existing subsidies while advocating for annual increases that reflect the cost of living and inflation. 
  • Increase stock of single rooms by consistently and proactively influencing funders to make funding available for capital renovations and premiums for providers of single-rooms, and when opportunities present to secure new single rooms or units.
  • Advocate for annual increases to the base budget funding for staff wages and programs.

Growth & Expansion

  • Look for opportunities to increase the existing stock of Habitat Services funded homes by securing additional base budget funding and subsidies to expand the Habitat program 
  • Modernize the Habitat Services programs to reflect best practices and align with the Community Homes for Opportunity.
  • Look for opportunities to expand the Habitat programs to provide specialized individual tenant support and/or create new programs.
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